Leader in Me--An on school site program providing youth leadership development, educational behavioral mentoring (intervention and prevention), through Social Emotional Learning (SEL) methods to promote self-esteem and positive progress during an academic school day to challenging at risk youth in a public continuation and/or charter school settings. Leadership program also available to agencies serving home schooled teens.  

Dream Builders--An on school site, in school and/or after school Social and Emotional learning, Character building program to inspire and improve academic success in challenging at risk elementary school children.  Dream builder program also available to agencies serving home schooled elementary students.  

​​Reach for the Stars--Elementary school Art Calendar program (Held once a year at an elementary school site during

the months of (Sept-December).   


Self-Esteem Building WorkshopsDesigned to boost self-esteem and healthy mental wellness. Being worthy, learning to acknowledge, celebrate and honor, uniqueness and positive inner qualities of one’s self—(such as appreciating my creativity, forgiving myself and others, and understanding and affirming my values).   

Celebrity Motivational VisitsLargely designed to inspire, motivate, and empower the ability to set goals, overcome challenges and obstacles and most importantly to believe in the power of having a dream.

Behavioral and Cultural Enrichment activities and fieldtripsDesigned to inspire and motivate exposure to different environments, cultures, and special circumstances from celebrity invitation.  Positive friendship and relationship building. Special projects funded for drug free awareness, non violence, career planning, job skills, college preparation, financial aid awareness, life skills and youth leadership development.  

K-12 Educational Support (AB-490)To assist foster parents, Kinship care and foster youth with bureaucracy and red tape of school systems. Community partner in Team Decision Making (TDMs), and Special education IEP meetings. Educational Rights Volunteer Advocacy.

Speaker's Bureau--A Beautiful Mind: Addressing Mental Health Stigmas and Discrimination--A Speakers Bureau designed to deliver presentations based on stigma and discrimination reduction messages for children, teens and/or their caretakers.  
The Strawberry Pot--A book published designed to reach children before and during adolescence, to teach the language of empathy, and the importance of appreciating the beauty and differences of all human beings in a effort to reduce and eliminated bullying in schools.  

Supportive Services to “aged out” and“emancipated transitional foster youth” —Providing living necessities (when available) to former foster youth as they set out to live life on their own.  

Foster Care and Adoption Awareness Advocacy--Promoting the belief that every child deserves a loving, permanent family to call their own.

(Works in Progress- Dreams to be accomplished)  

Brightest Star Ambassador Program(Foster Care & Adoption Awareness Advocacy) Schools will adopt an orphanage in

another country (Sierra Leone, Mexico, and/or Haiti). 

Supportive services for ages 0-5 and their foster parent caretakers.

Starlight Dreamers Program for out of state foster youth (ages 12-18) to attend a special Hollywood event, and/or meet their favorite celebrity. 

Foster Youth College Tours

"Our Biggest hope is that our Foster Youth will hitch their wagon to a  star, never give up and follow their dreams come what may."  

                                                                                                                                                                   Lea Michelle Cash


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